Pippa Small And Natural Materials Designer Jewellery

Pippa Small’s bracelets are made from natural materials, just like her other pieces of jewellery, and as such may have scratches or flecks.

Stunning Agrigento Jewellery

Jewellery pieces designed by Agrigento feature motifs that will showcase your love of wildlife and nature. The Spiny Shell earrings feature wonderful decorations in platinum over sterling silver and three faceted white agate briolette stones are dangling from the shells.

Carla Amorim’s Earrings and Rings

Carla Amorim chandelier scroll earrings set in 18 karat white gold with small diamonds while the gold leaf earrings are set in matte 18 karat yellow gold. The clear topaz chandelier earrings showcase five rows of sparkling pear shaped topaz stones set in rose gold braids.

Arunashi Designer Jewellery Pieces

Arunashi jewellery will amaze you through its variety of designs and colours. Arunashi Diamond Branches earrings create a picture of diamonds falling like snow on golden branches.

King of Jewellery Opens New Showroom in Los Angeles

King of Jewellery, the online jewellery dealer has recently opened a showroom in downtown Los Angeles’ famous Jewellery District. King of Jewellery has been offer quality jewellery for more than eighteen years, but Los Angeles residents welcome the option of making jewellery purchases in person.

Common Shapes For Cutting A Gemstone

Gemstones are rarely attractive when they come as raw materials, but once they receive proper treatment and cutting they can become objects of exquisite beauty. The shape of a stone refers to its physical shape, while the cut refers to the quality of the cut.

Trinity Rings

Trinity rings or three stone rings are attractive and symbolic pieces of jewellery that can be offered for special occasions, from wedding anniversaries to birthdays. Usually there are three stones set onto a simple mount and there is a symbolic meaning attached to each of the stones.

The World’s Most Expensive Pink Diamond Ring

Sotheby’s sold a pink diamond for a record of 29 million pounds and established a new world record on November the 16th, 2010 in its Magnificent Jewels Sale in Geneva. The 24.78 carat pink champagne hued gem is ranked in the top 2% diamonds in the world and it set a world record for a piece of jewellery at auction.

Pippa Small’s Survival Christmas Catalogue 2010

. A special range of jewellery designed by Pippa Small and other Christmas goods are also included. Pippa Small’s ‘Flower’ earrings, necklaces, bracelets are some of the most beautiful pieces offered in this year’s catalogue. Pippa Small’s Rainforest earrings are also part of the collection of the unique gifts that are meant to help fund Survival’s urgent work, that is defending the rights of threatened tribal peoples around the world.

The Bulgari Blue Diamond Sold For More Than $67 Million

A new world record price was set when The Bulgari Blue Diamond was sold for more than $67 million. The two stone ring was designed in the 1970s and was first sold from a private European collection.

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