Designer Jewellery at the Royal Wedding

The jewellery designer who created Kate Middleton’s earrings is Zoe Benyon, a co-founder of the jewellery firm Robinson Pelham. It is believed that Kate’s earrings have cost 15,000 pounds but a spokesman of the jewellery firm said they never disclosed …

Daisy Knights Incredible Jewellery

Daisy Knights hand-made jewellery collections are inspired by nature but also have a bold punk and rock’n’roll edge. The collections feature miniature skulls, shells, feather designs in 22 karat gold vermeil, oxidized silver or sterling silver.

Takara Jewellery – The Japanese Treasure

Takara is treasure in Japanese and the Takara collections are illustrative of both Japanese inspired design and New York chic. Some of the most stylish women in the world wear pieces of Takara collections which include statement pieces of designer jewellery that can be classified as art.

Luxury Designer Jewellery For Men

The holiday season comes with a challenge for those of you who wish to offer a gift for the favourite man in your life. Whether he wears a particular type of jewellery, or you want to surprise him with a piece of designer jewellery that is bold and innovative, you will have a wide selection to choose from.

Angelina Jolie Is Adding Designer Jewellery to Her Impressive Job List

Angelina Jolie together with Asprey designer Robert Procop will create a line of high-end jewellery including statement stones. The pieces will include dramatic gems, including a 12 carat emerald and the proceeds will be offered to the Angelina Jolie’s charity ‘The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict’.

Astley Clarke – Best Luxury Brand Online was founded in 2006 by Rebecca Astley-Clarke in order to offer international jewellery designers exposure to customers in the UK. Besides the web based branch, there is also a land based shop.

Celtic Designer Jewellery Made From Recycled Gold and Silver

For this holiday season, a new line of Celtic designer jewellery was launched on a new ecommerce platform. The jewellery pieces are made with 100% recycled metal and fair trade gemstones. Over 600 designs are hand made by artisans at Reflective Images Santa Fe studio.

Designer Jewellery Online

While a lot of people think that the style is more important than the brand label attached to a piece of jewellery, with the online market today, more and more people are interested to explore the large variety offered by styles and designs offered by jewellery designers.