Luxury Designer Jewellery For Men

Published: December 15th, 2010

The holiday season comes with a challenge for those of you who wish to offer a gift for the favourite man in your life. Whether he wears a particular type of jewellery, or you want to surprise him with a piece of designer jewellery that is bold and innovative, you will have a wide selection to choose from.

Men’s jewellery need not be extremely expensive, even though quality metals and precious gems require an investment. Custom designed pieces of jewellery may cost more but you can thus be closer to offering an exquisite gift that will be thoroughly appreciated. You can also ask for the piece to be engraved so as to make the gift more special and unique.

Jewellery has always symbolized power and wealth for both men and women. However, men stayed away from excessive use of jewellery, limiting themselves to essential pieces, such as watches or wedding rings. However, today’s designer jewellery features an extensive selection of pieces for men, including earrings, bracelets, pendangs and rings. Growing in popularity, titanium and stainless steel have become a popular choice for men’s jewellery. Both titanium and stainless steel are very durable and when compared to gold and silver, they project a more masculine look. Other choices include tungsten carbide or leather, diamonds and gems that can make men’s jewellery just as diverse as women’s collections.

One example of the shift from traditional values is the engagement ring, which has recently become a prerequisite for men not just for women. As longer engagements become more frequent these days, designs for men’s engagement rings become more varied, departing from the traditional simple bands to include gemstones and even birthstones as a focal point of the piece.


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