Pippa Small And Natural Materials Designer Jewellery

Published: January 2nd, 2011

Pippa Small’s bracelets are made from natural materials, just like her other pieces of jewellery, and as such may have scratches or flecks. However, the beauty of the pastel hued moonstone embellishment of her 18 karat gold bracelets will capture your hearts. The same can be said about Pippa Small’s faceted rainbow moonstone embellished bracelets.

Moonstone gemstones are considered the stones for lovers and it is thought that they glow even more with the full moon. As the piece of jewellery is moved, the colours and shimmer changes. The blue tint of moonstone is due to the composition of special minerals, and one of the most beautiful kinds of moonstone is the rainbow moonstone. The crystal structure of the moonstone scatters the light that falls on the stone, and the result is a very attractive shimmer. This is why the cutting of the stone is essential in order to achieve this special effect.

An 18 karat gold fine-chain necklace with irregular dark-gray hermatite embellishment would be one piece that can add charm to a contemporary wardrobe. Or you may choose a necklace with a light-blue woven cord with a luminescent opal pendant. The 18 karat gold fine-chain three strand necklace with multicoloured labradorite, smoky quartz, hematite, rutilated quartz, suglite and moonstone embellishments is another fine piece you might choose Pippa Small drop earrings come with multicoloured amethyst, tourmaline, carnelian and rhodocrosite embellishment. The multicoloured stones have the 18 karat gold earrings a spectacular finish. Marbled turquoise add beauty to the drop earrings made of 18 karat gold.


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