Delicious Yummi Glass

Published: August 10th, 2010

Yummi Glass is a multi-line collection of superb glass jewellery created by Allison Overbeke. Each piece in her collections is hand-crafted by the most knowledgeable glass artisans in the world. Each of them was selected due to his or her creative approach towards making glass jewellery. The result is a line of jewellery that combines skills and creativity inspired by so many different places around the world.

Alison Overbeke started to design Yummi Glass in 1999. She wanted to create jewellery that was both simple and elegant. The ‘Classic’ collection featured jewel-toned pendants on organza ribbons, but the subsequent collections expanded around various themes, such as ‘Heart’, ‘Safari’ or ‘Sea Life’.

Light and airy necklaces in the ‘Dragonfly’ collection highlight transparent wings covered in 24K gold leaves. The most elegant movements are captured in the ‘Butterfly’ collection where the colours of the pendants match the lustrous velvet or thin leather cord that accompany them. ‘Evil Eye’ is meant to protect you from the evil spirits with its rich colours and 24K gold outline.

Many celebrities have admired the sensuous lines of the ‘Snake’ collection. Gold leaf and Venetian glass are mixed in the bohemian ‘Peace’ collection.

Georgia O’Keefe inspired Alison Overbeke to create the ‘Flower’ collection featuring delicate poppies, pansies and daisies. And perhaps the most famous collection is ‘Faceted’ with pieces that resemble huge jewels covered in gold leaf.

Featured in People, Rachel Ray and InStyle, Yummi Glass and the gorgeous pendants, exquisite earrings, bracelets and rings or necklaces that have brought it celebrity, will continue to enchant our senses with novel pieces. Combining classic elegance with cutting edge design, Yummi Glass is meant to pass the test of time.


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