Carolina Bucci And Florentine Heritage

Published: August 7th, 2010

Carolina Bucci is continuing a tradition that started in Florence in 1885. As she grew surrounded by jewellery, she developed a sense of style that came to life at an early age. Her education was further enhanced while studying Fine Arts and Jewellery Design in New York.

After she graduated, she returned to Florence and started to work together with goldsmiths that inspired her first collection, Woven. Centuries old textile looms were used to weave threads of gold and silk, which soon became her trademark. Gold and silk friendship bracelets were launched in 2002 to become Carolina Bucci’s most famous pieces. Sarah Jessica Parker wore one such bracelet in Sex and the City and since then the threaded friendship bracelet has become a favourite of journalists and celebrities alike.

In 2003, Salma Hayek was photographed wearing a Carolina Bucci necklace and since then prestigious UK retailers contacted Carolina Bucci and are now selling her jewellery. Today, stores worldwide are offering her products. After Carolina Bucci moved to London permanently, in 2004, she opened her first store in 2007 in Belgravia.

Transcending short-lived trends, and combining her unique spirit, Carolina Bucci’s jewellery has captured the heart of many celebrities and has featured on pages of W magazine, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

While working with tools and techniques borrowed from her great-grandfathers, Carolina Bucci is continuously exploring new methods to create pieces of jewellery that have a modern sensibility.

Carolina Bucci was listed as ‘Power Player’ in Vanity Fair’s annual list for the Jewellery Industry for several years, while her designs are on a permanent collection in Palazzo Pitti Museum in Florence.


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