Arunashi And The Indian Heritage

Published: August 4th, 2010

Arunashi is a name that is reflecting the partnership in life and business of Arun Bohra and his wife Ashita. Arun Bohra’s ancestors have been manufacturing jewellery for Indian royalty for more than 150 years. This eight generation jeweller was born in Jaipur, India and the city’s rich cultural heritage was an inspiration for him.

Arun’s first business venture took him to Tokyo. As a rare gem stone dealer, he was surrounded by fancy coloured diamonds, tourmalines, alexandrite or spinels. He enjoyed the task of searching for unique gemstones of exceptional beauty. However, his full creativity was put to use when he drew sketches of jewellery. Arun went back to school and studied Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Arts in Carlsbad. He graduated from the Gemological Institute of America and in 2004 he started the company Arunashi. With the genes of a jeweler family and the fine tuned knowledge he possessed, Arun launched lines of jewellery that are a true extension of himself.

The Arunashi collections are sophisticated and opulent, combining traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary sense of style.

In 2008, Arunashi has received the Town and Country 2008 Couture Diamond Award. In 2010 came the reward Best in Coloured Gems at the Couture Jewellery Design – Best of the Best Show.

Both Black and 22 Karat collections have amazed jewellery lovers with their modern approach and intricate old-world skill.

Black includes crafted settings of 18K gold oxidized to a smoky blackness, which frame an exquisite array of coloured gems. Each gem has been carefully selected for uniform clarity that combines brilliance with the most subtle hues. The Black line is a tribute to the modern woman, who cherishes out of the ordinary design, and is not shy about her tastes.

22 Karat is more geared towards enhancing the delicacy of the feminine allure, but is not lacking in bold colours. Again, bringing together two worlds, clusters of coloured gemstones are suspended from settings of glowing yellow gold. The 22K gold creates the ideal synthesis of form and colour.


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