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Allison Overbeke is offering a beautifully handcrafted glass jewellery line with the new Yummi Glass. Allison has entered the world of jewellery design in 1999. Murano glass from Venice is used as a source material and the products are exclusively sold at Astley Clarke in the UK. Combining old world tradition with high-fashion New York style, the elegant and enduring look of Yummi glass muli-line collection is indeed exciting to wear.
The Yummi Glass collections include pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cuff links. These quality pieces are manufactured by skilful glass artisans and the brand guarantees the quality of each unique piece. There is a highly selective process of choosing the best glass artists, involving careful assessment of their skills and creativity. And these expert glass artists are one of the reasons why Yummi Glass is so successful.

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Although Yummi Glass is quite new on the market, the pieces are striking for they classy and classic look. Allison Overbeke is striving to find a balance between trendy jewellery and classic, time proven quality. She wants her company to offer simple and elegant adornments that can stand the test of time for many years to come. And this is why you will not be disappointed by her products. Yummi Glass will probably enrich your look for many years, without going out of style.

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Delicious Yummi Glass

Yummi Glass is a multi-line collection of superb glass jewellery created by Allison Overbeke. Each piece in her collections is hand-crafted by the most knowledgeable glass artisans in the world. [Continue reading: Delicious Yummi Glass]

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