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Vinnie Day was born in Ireland but lived in Kenya as a child. She also travelled extensively through Seville and South America.

Once she settled in London she started working on her jewellery line that bears the marks of her experience and journeys. The unique sand blasted 24 karat gold vermeil and semi precious stones are her special trademark.

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A combination of couture and class lies behind each piece of her jewellery. And celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Elle Macpherson and Gwyneth Paltrow have noticed her collections and have been charmed by her pieces.

The rhythm of life goes through her pieces and just as life does, her collections constantly evolve and become even more astonishing.
Nature inspires Vinnie Day and trees are a special penchant for her. The Petal and Leaf collections are proof of her passion. The bead necklaces of the Samburu women in Kenya are her unique trademark. Leaves and petals, hearts and charms lie at the core of her collections. Using semi precious stones such as garnet, labradonite, rotile or amethyst, she creates a unique texture that distinguishes her jewellery.

Hand crafted and silver plated, her jewellery goes through a special processing technique. In order to obtain a Matt effect, the silver is blasted from sand and then it is gold plated. The amazing effect is that gold looks like chocolate.

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