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For both fine jewellery and silver design industry, Stephen Webster is a top British figure.

Due to his intense attention to detail, professional craftsmanship and glam rock approach, his creations have an aesthetic that will forever be trendy and chic.

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Stephen Webster has been awarded the title “British Luxury Jeweller of the Year” three times and in 2008 he was the winner of the title “UK Jewellery Brand of the Year”.

The unique mixture of precious and semi precious stones set in metals that are treated with a special technique makes each piece of jewellery designed by Stephen Webster easily noticeable.

Over 120 points of sale all around the world and 20 Stephen Webster boutiques testify for the attraction his jewellery exerts over people from various cultures. Evolving into a global luxury brand, Stephen Webster’s collections are sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Europe or Hong Kong.

Although he comes from a modest background, his rise to celebrity has meant hard work but also a unique sense of beauty which has inspired his collections.

An alliance with musical artist Christina Aguilera was forged and she appears in the newest advertising campaign for Stephen Webster. She is a testimony of the true lifestyle experience that this jewellery brand has come to represent.

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