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If the silver colour of Saffron Lloyd jewellery makes you think that the raw material is silver, you are wrong.

Each of her pieces is made of fourteen carat white gold. Many of the collection’s highlights are featuring diamonds that are set in white gold to create a spectacular effect on any viewer.

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Combining traditional jewellery techniques with contemporary design, Saffron Lloyd never ceases to amaze her customers with the beauty of her jewellery.

Pave diamond rings and necklaces are her specialty. Pave is ajewellery mounting technique where small diamonds are set so close together that no metal is seen between them. The effect of this technique is dazzling.

Each necklace is the perfect length to accentuate the delicacy of the neck and the cleavage. The rings can fit perfectly on any other rings that you may choose to wear.
Saffron Lloyd only uses the best materials and even if this requires an extra effort to find the perfect solution, her clientele knows that they will enjoy only the best quality with the jewellery she offers.
Diamonds are universally recognized as a symbol of love and their romanticism is accentuated by Saffron Lloyd’s designs.

Any woman who chooses to wear such jewellery will be admired for the sparkle it will bring to her personality and beauty.

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