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Robindira Unsworth creates jewellery that is both luxurious but also relaxed. Each piece designed by her is created as a very personal gift for a precious person with a unique individuality.

Born in San Francisco, Robindira Unsworth works only with hand selected materials from Sonoma County and California.

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She is careful about the way each piece is handcrafted by the local artisans, whom she had selected for their exquisite skill. Robindira Unsworth imparts a piece of her heart and soul to each adornment that is produced and quality as well as originality is what she values most.

Only the finest materials are used in the manufacturing of her products, and each piece has to pass a thorough inspection. Combining tradition and innovation, Robindira Unsworth manages to create timeless jewellery that could never become boring. Women of all ages are attracted by her collections.

Because of the strict selection it undergoes, each piece highlight the beauty within the raw materials used. Not only are the precious metals and stones showcased by such jewellery, but also the beauty of any person wearing it.

Robindira Unsworth’s latest collection is an epitome of relaxed luxury, comprising 22 carat gold vermeil stacking rings, designer bangles and earrings showcasing wonderfully matched coloured gemstones. This contemporary gemstone jewellery collection is designed and made in Robindira Unsworth’s hometown, San Francisco.

The smokey quartz and pyrite are just a few of the spectacularly matched gemstones that will surely not go unnoticed between the trendy jewellery of autumn and winter for 2010.

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