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Pippa Small can be rightfully considered one of the most talented jewellery designers in London. You will not find any two pieces that look the same in her collections. Being so unique, original pieces from Pippa Small are only available in just a few stores in Europe and halls of Barneys in New York. 22 carat gold combined with rough diamonds and gemstones are put together in creating masterpieces that are hunted by jewellery buyers. Born in Canada, and raised in Wiltshire, Pippa Small was surrounded by relatives that were either artists or travellers. The mix of cultural artifacts brought home by members of her family is reflected in Pippa Small’s style. As a child she was fascinated by gems, shells and minerals. Beads, bottle tops, seeds, sea-washed glass were put into little piles and collected by the young girl. And soon, this hobby would turn into a lifetime passion. Starting with rough jewellery pieces from her childhood collections, the young girl grew into a talented woman that is telling ancient stories with each piece of jewellery she is creating. Pippa Small studied anthropology, and later furthered her education in medical anthropology. She was able to pay for her education from selling the first pieces of jewellery she had created. Pippa Small’s designs and jewellery have conquered far-away places like London and even India.

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Pippa Small’s Jewellery – The Perfect Valentine Gift

Pippa Small’s drop earrings would make a lovely Valentine’s gift this year. Her expertly handcrafted 18 karat gold and turquoise earrings can offer a unique twist with an after-dark glamour. Paired with some chic cocktail attire they would offer any woman the perfect party look. [Continue reading: Pippa Small’s Jewellery – The Perfect Valentine Gift]

Pippa Small And Natural Materials Designer Jewellery

Pippa Small’s bracelets are made from natural materials, just like her other pieces of jewellery, and as such may have scratches or flecks. [Continue reading: Pippa Small And Natural Materials Designer Jewellery]

Pippa Small And Her Jewellery Stories

Every piece of Pippa Small jewellery tells a story. Tales of ancient cultures set in colourful combinations of stones are unfolding before your eyes when you look her collections. [Continue reading: Pippa Small And Her Jewellery Stories]

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