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Monica Vinader founded her company to offer the public beautiful contemporary jewellery that comes from her historic 16th century barn situated in Norfolk.

Almost every stone in her jewellery line is custom cut and comes from India or South America. Such degree of customization ensures that no two customers will wear identical pieces of jewellery because every cut is different.

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Customization is not the only signature mark of her collection. She is interested in creating jewellery that is both fun and wearable. Her aim is to create pieces she would love to wear herself. Whether they are bold or delicate pieces, jewellery that you can wear every day or smart, sophisticated pieces, everything that comes from this designer combines the artistic and the unique to offer accessories that will complement your beauty.

18 carat gold and 18 carat gold plating over sterling silver, or vermeil is what stands out in Monica Vinader’s collections. The fact that she had studied with jeweler Tateossian in London, UK is represented in her craft and her own vision and love of colour has enabled her to produce the most astonishing pieces that can be found in some of the best jewellery stores all over the world.

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