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The London based designer Kiki McDonough has built a reputation of using the most striking combinations of coloured gems in the jewellery she offers.

This is because she is intent on imbuing her products with energy and vitality that only comes from challenging traditions.

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She is the one setting the latest trends in designer jewellery using intense and quality stones and 18 carat gold. While everybody around the world hails her collections, The UK now has her collections made available for them.

Even semi precious stones that are borrowing Kiki McDonough’s personal trademark style become unique adornments that can please even the most sophisticated tastes. The daring combinations of colours she proposes quickly become an inspiration to many other international designers, innovation-oriented or traditional. The pioneering use of gemstones that are intensely coloured, coupled with astonishing diamonds within 18 carat gold settings are admired by women from all around the world.

The last 25 years have witnessed time after time recognition of Kiki McDonough’s pioneering vision, but her creativity does not seem to diminish. The passion she has exhibited for intense colours, coupled with the elegance of her designs and skilful workmanship has rendered her fine jewellery a worthy top place among the world’s most desired collections.
Kiki McDonough has been and will certainly be one of the best British brands in the luxury market for trendy designer jewellery.

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