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If you are wondering what Jali means, you should know that the word refers to an ornamental pattern that is intricately woven all throughout both Indian and Islamic architecture.

Eastern architecture abounds in elegant curves similar to what you see in the elegant calligraphy of Arabic texts, but it also amazes anyone with the ordered lines of its geometry.

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Emma Chapman is creatively deconstructing such lines to develop an exquisite jewellery collection, namely Jali Collection. The romanticism of the mysterious Orient is combined with an Western bohemian style to create a spectacular and stylish trendy line of jewellery.

The jewellery designed by Emma Chapman can be considered glamorous, exotic or opulent by anyone who falls under its spell. Ancient travelers to the East have brought back tales of wonder about far away lands, and their histories are encompassed into the Jali Collection.

Ancient times and eras come back to life in the unique pieces. You will find hints of the Baroque, Elizabethan or even Mughal periods but everything receives a modern twist once it is filtered by Emma Chapman’s vision and skill.

You will find her collections regularly showcased at London Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week, at Premiere Classe.

Emma Chapman has worked with celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter, Sadie Frost, Juliette Binoche, Kate Backinsale, Gael Garcia Bernal. Other famous names who have been associated with her are Daniel Craig, Emmanuelle Beart, Joseph Fiennes or Catherine Deneuve.

The film, theatre and opera world have enveloped Emma and she has found great inspiration from these interactions.
The fact that she was chosen as one of the most talented designers working today in the UK was honoured at the International Jewellery London, where she was showcased in Bright Young Gems.

Emma’s extensive travels around the world have found a way into her designs. Her journeys to Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia or South American inspired her to create unique pieces that reflect the influences she absorbed from all the different cultures she experienced. Hinduism and Buddhism are prominent among the sources from which she draws inspiration. The vibrant colours of festivals and culture, architecture and temples, myths and spiritual teachings have all permeated her design.

The jewellery Emma Chapman creates is meant to enhance and enrich the life of anyone wearing it and it bring out to light the goddess that lies in every woman. Once you put on a piece of her jewellery you can feel enveloped by the mystique of other worlds, times and places that lifts you into a space that becomes universal and atemporal.

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