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Designer Sarah Sheridan and the Hudson Collection have found the secret formula of light luxury and subtle decadence for their jewellery line. Diamond traders having settled in New York were the founders of this company, so diamonds are prominent stars in Hudson Collections designs. However, if diamonds are not your choice, there is still something to look for if you are browsing through Hudson Collection. Amethyst, garnets and precious or semi-precious stones are crafted in unique pieces manufactured by this gifted team. The variety of colours is astonishing and each piece is singled out by its style and charm. If you are the kind of person that mixes expensive Fifth Avenue chic with Downtown cool, then Hudson Fine Jewellery is what you need. Their strong designs can be flooded with small diamonds or just left plain with no impairment to their beauty. The open, squared frame has become a famous trademark of this collection. Being the central shape, you will easily spot it in all the pieces of jewellery, whether they are simple studs, lariat necklaces, cufflinks, long snake chain earrings or large rings. The chunky necklaces made of a link style that are a special feature of this company and designer Sarah Sheridan is another unique feature that has become associated with Hudson Collection Jewellery. They are adjusted to a more feminine style in the form of a simple paper chain in metal. Chains for men have links that tumble into each other, giving them a gentle twist.

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