Gurhan Orhan is the Turkish master craftsman behind the amazing collection of handmade Gurhan jewellery.

Coming from two separate and different worlds, Istambul and New York, Gurhan collection uses pure 24 carat gold which encases the world’s most precious gemstones.

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The rich Oriental heritage inspired the collections and the designer who offers his tribute to ancient goldsmith techniques has also incorporated a modern style that creates a unique mixture of old and new.

Gurhan has fallen in love at the age of 40 when he happened to see a sheet of pure gold. From then one, a consuming passion has yielded wondrous jewellery that brings to life the magic inside this precious metal. Ignoring the prevailing belief that 24 carat gold is too soft or heavy or even expensive to be processed for making jewellery, Gurhan has drawn upon ancient goldsmith wisdom from the Anatolian and Byzantine empires.

Just like the legendary goldsmiths who managed to create wonders out of pure gold, Gurhan has emabarked on his quest and managed to refine their methods and develop a new signature technique.
Pure 24 carat gold jewellery witnessed a revival due to his pioneering efforts. After a gap of hundreds of years, other designers have tapped into the unique resource offered by such pure gold. And Gurhan didn’t stop there.

Recently, he started to use pure platinum and pure silver as core materials and white metal has become his target for a new pioneering effort.

And if you though he would stop there, you were wrong. A completely innovative direction in his designs has emerged since he started using an ancient Ottoman alloy that contains 4 karats gold and is combined into his pure 24 karat gold signature in the new line “4/24”.
Every piece that comes from Gurhan has a distinctive mark of hand made jewellery. While the hand hammering and the natural imperfections of the materials will show in the end product, the unique handcrafting manages to reveal the inner beauty that lies beyond such imperfections.

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