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Starting with 2004, Dana Kellin has become a world-famous brand that has been admired by jewellery lovers for its unique designes and well-crafted pieces.

Two sisters, Elizabeth and Dana Kellin founded the company and enchanted a large clientele with the contemporary jewellery collections they offered.

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Everything in these collections is hand crafted in New York. Each piece is going through a time consuming but worthwhile process of crafting and detailed polishing. Favourites among the gemstones used by these designers are rhodolite garnet spessartite garnet, labradorites, seed pearls, citrine and whisky quartz.

The natural stones render their natural beauty to the handcrafted pieces of jewellery, the result being feminine adornments celebrating womanhood. Fine gauge wire is wrapped into the pieces that highlight the beauty of each stone.

Hollywood has been taken by storm by these designs and for more than eight years fashion lovers admire the creations of this designers. The romantic touch emanating from each piece has enchanted every woman, from world famous celebrities to anyone who wants to enhance their charm with accessories that can complement their natural beauty.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the special person in your life, look no further. Dana Kellin jewellery is created to be a token of love for those who are fortunate to wear it.

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