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The landscapes of Cotswolds are the underlying inspiration for the jewellery designed by Daisy Knights.

Not only designed, but also hand crafted by Daisy in her London studio, her collection is a proof of her ardent beliefs in ethically sourced materials. 100% recycled sterling silver is the backbone of her jewellery line.

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Daisy Knights is a Central Saint Martins graduate who has returned to the place where she spent her childhood to work and keep her jewellery not only typically British but also environmentally friendly.

The unique designs she produces have made their way into Vogue, Tatler and In Style. The most stylish of our celebrities have chosen her pieces to complement their beauty.

Daisy Knights’ friends and family have been so tightly close to her work that each collection has received a name honoring each of them. But each name has also brought in the essence and style of its bearer. Her unique design method has given birth to pieces of feminine jewellery that incorporate a touch of punk and rock ‘n’ roll.

The beauty of the ocean and the awe that nature sometimes inspires us are encompassed into her jewellery. The silver and gold treasures she offers will make you wish you would keep them forever and as time will go by, their beauty will grow even more. When you stack her rings and tie the charm bracelets, you will feel carefree and fresh, stimulated to experience more of life than ever before.

With such natural and relaxed adornments, you will start to feel the addiction of wishing to collect them. And you can rest assured that their charm will not fade in time.

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