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Wearing Chamilia jewellery makes you partner with the peculiar, bewitching and quirky qualities of these highly personal pieces. You can select from a wide range of expressive and spectacular beads to customize any piece, be it a silver or gold chain or bangle.
Chamilia was founded by Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski and their mission was to enable the buyer to make their own choices when selecting a piece of jewellery. Customers become partners in the design process and can thus express themselves and their unique personality by customizing the pieces of jewellery that they wear. Having over 600 beads handcrafted from precious and semi-precious stones with an incredibly large range of colours to choose from, women who decide to buy Chamilia jewellery are creating their own unique pieces. Italian Murano glass, 14k gold and sterling silver are offered to be selected for the combination that best suits your tastes. The elusive colours of chameleons are evoked by Chamilia jewellery that is so flexible that any customer will be offered a totally personal piece. Your moods and surroundings can be expressed in all the different combinations that can be selected. Charm bracelets and necklaces with contemporary style and a wide range of colours and textures, chains and bangles or beads, everything is designed to bring richness, grace and beauty to people that are wearing them. Killian Rieder is continuously creating fresh bead designs, combining her own powerful creativity with customers’ suggestions. Quality gold, silver and stones bring these designs to life in a unique collection of jewellery.

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Chamilia is today one of the most outstanding names in the world of jewellery and has conquered the demanding market of customized jewellery. The collection is permanently enhanced by singular beads that have led to an exclusive partnership with Disney. Prices range from thirty euros to several hundred, so every customer can find a unique and personalized piece of jewellery that he or she can afford.
Everybody around the world can enjoy pieces of Chamilia jewellery that are distributed in all countries. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and retailers in UK sell beads, bangles and chains manufactured by Chamilia. The company is involved in supporting community causes all over the world and a share of the profit is donated to campaigns that enhance the awareness or finance research for breast cancer and autism. World peace programs are also supported by Chamilia, so wearing their jewellery will make you a partner in their quest for building a better world populated with happy people.

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