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Carolina Bucci’s background is the reason why her jewellery collection is so successful. Born and raised in Florence, Italy, she comes from a family that has been manufacturing designer jewellery since 1885. She added playfulness and fun characteristic of childhood exuberance to her jewellery. Innovative methods she is experimenting with result in unique pieces that are blend of Florentine artisanship tradition and modern sensibility.
Bracelets, bag charms, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings, cufflinks enchant the eye when you admire her newest collection. Celebrities wear her pieces, enhancing the beauty of it for people all over the world. The Financial Times, The Style Section, Vogue, Instyle and Harpers Bazaar have hailed it. Her modern stamp was recently featured for Astley Clarke.

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Carolina Bucci And Florentine Heritage

Carolina Bucci was listed as ‘Power Player’ in Vanity Fair’s annual list for the Jewellery Industry for several years, while her designs are on a permanent collection in Palazzo Pitti Museum in Florence. [Continue reading: Carolina Bucci And Florentine Heritage]

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