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Carla Amorim was born in Brasilia and as she grew up there, she was imbued with the flamboyant Brazilian culture.

Everything from architectural surroundings to pristine nature has influenced her and her country offered Carla not only inspiration for her jewellery but also grateful recognition.

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Everywhere across Brazil Carla Amorim’s jewellery is synonymous with distinction and elegance. By the impeccable attention to detail and finish she gives to every piece, she transforms the stunning gemstones she works on into masterpieces of her art.

Modern gold jewellery is enriched with the South American twist brought by Carla Amorim’s collections. Huge pendants, bold cocktail rings or delicate drop earrings are featured prominently in her jewellery collections. The windings of Amazon and traditional architecture of her hometown have inspired her and are reflected in her pieces.

She has also experimented with a wide range of finishes for her 18 carat yellow gold pieces to challenge any limitations nature poses to her art.

The Orquidea earrings and matching Orchidae rings are a testimony for her love for nature. These pieces are part of the new Florada collection which is dedicated to the beauty in the floral kingdom. The orchids native to Brazil have inspired her to create astonishing pieces featuring thick yellow gold.

The delicate Narciso pendants aim to conquer the hearts of those who prefer small jewellery, but turquoise and coral are brought in to magnify the floral imagery.
Carla has been fascinated not only by nature but also by engineering and geometry and there are several pieces that are marked by her interests.

The Bola Composicao necklace feature a substantial composite of polished yellow gold spheres. Being wrapped so compactly together, the only thing you can find yourself thinking of is the energy of the universe.

The Correnteza earrings bring in a more cultural vibe with their juxtaposed strands of flat-finish yellow gold. However, the metallic twist of polished yellow gold with a circular pattern is evocative of primitive sun drawings.

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