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Belgium jewellery designers based in Antwerp have partnered creating Atelier 11, launching their design studio at the beginning of 2000. In December 2003 they opened a retail location in Antwerp and are now offering collections that are meant to ‘unite the experimental with the commercial’.
Various themes are at the core of the collections for women and men, which are issued twice a year by Atelier 11. Each collection is offers simple but unique pieces that have a careful and witty design. The aim of all the pieces is to provide a personal touch to each person wearing them. ‘9to5’ and ‘Opposites Attract’ are among the most successful of these collections.

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As the name suggests, ‘9to5’ takes its inspiration from busy people living in the fast-paced society of our days. Numbers, clock cogs and wheels are included in the design to suggest how much value we place on time in the contemporary world. A set of earrings, for example, is a modelled like the hands of a clock, while a pendant from the same collection features the words ‘Faster Bigger Better’. The collection was issued for both men and women in the autumn/winter season of 2003-2004.
‘Opposites Attract’ is the unisex collection of spring/summer 2004. Among the opposites the collection is trying to bring together are peace and war symbols. What would a soldier holding a large rose instead of a gun suggest other than how opposites are brought close in a pair of earrings from this collection? The humour of the designers of ‘Opposites Attract’ collection is emphasized in a pendant that has the word ‘Bomb’ with a peace symbol outlining the letter ‘o’. The appeal to the witty is obvious with this collection and wearing such a piece of jewellery will certainly make a statement about the owner.

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