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Asha by ADM offers exquisite pieces with semi precious stones and 14 carat white and yellow gold vermeil.

Ashley Dodgen-McCormick has designed the line and her vision has brought to life stunning pieces that have an outstanding impact on everyone who admires them.

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Asha was raised by her mother from Cuba and studied in both Italy and France. Cuban culture is strong influence on her work and the colourful beaches of Rio are evoked by everybody wearing her jewellery.

Her first recognition came at Calypso in St. Barths. The jewellery designed by Asha is now completed by the bejewelled clutches that are included in the new line. Between chandelier earrings and colourful necklaces, anyone would find it hard to decide on which piece would make them more flirty and fun when worn. But each and every piece renders the person who wears it an air of exotic and stylish coquette.

There is no other line that can be considered more trendy and hot than Asha by ADM. When moonstone, turquoise, white topaz, onyx and rock crystal come together to offer their beauty to the pieces designed by Asha, nature and skilful mastery blend to give birth to the perfect adornment.

A youthful and fresh vibe travels through all the collection and resonates in every person’s heart. Large pieces with incredibly colourful stones borrow floral touches from the outside world and encapsulate them to impart their charm to their wearer. You will not find it hard to match these pieces with any stylish clothes and your look will be enhanced by the beauty brought with them by these little pieces of wonder.

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