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If sophisticated jewellery is what you are looking for, Arunashi is where you should start. The boldness of this line makes this new comer on the market stand out. The company was founded in 2004 and the retail market benefits from such an outstanding and exquisite addition.
Arun Bohra is the designer responsible for the outstanding products. He has graduated from Gemological Institute of America to take the US and the UK jewellery market by storm. However, the secret behind this new comer is a long standing tradition going back for more than 150 years. His family has been creating marvellous jewellery in Jaipur, India for several generations.

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Arunashi Designer Jewellery Pieces

Arunashi jewellery will amaze you through its variety of designs and colours. Arunashi Diamond Branches earrings create a picture of diamonds falling like snow on golden branches. [Continue reading: Arunashi Designer Jewellery Pieces]

Arunashi And The Indian Heritage

Arunashi is a name that is reflecting the partnership in life and business of Arun Bohra and his wife Ashita. Arun Bohra’s ancestors have been manufacturing jewellery for Indian royalty for more than 150 years. This eight generation jeweler was born in Jaipur, India and the city’s rich cultural heritage was an inspiration for him. [Continue reading: Arunashi And The Indian Heritage]

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