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The USA based company owned by Amelie Bea creates a modern line of jewellery made of natural gemstones and crystals. The special features of these materials will reflect light in the most astonishing ways. Although use of some gemstones is not very wide spread with jewellery lines today, Amelie Bea’s unique line brings the beautiful natural gemstones to life. Clear quartz crystal, for example features prominently in the Amelie Bea line. The pendants and necklaces use Blue Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Carnelian, Sapphire, Apatite, Ruby and Moonstone. The interplay of light on both clear and coloured gemstones make this line a true wonder. Variations of gemstones colours are skilfully used in the collection, giving it a special characteristic that distinguishes it among its rivals. You will find rare combinations of green and pink amethyst only with the pendants offered by Amelie Bea. Ametrine beads are another special product. They come from the rare fusion of amethyst and citrine and the final product is breathtaking.
The most beautiful gems that nature has offered us are present in Amelie Bea’s collection. The creative ways in which they are showcased will complement your beauty whenever you wear any of Amelie Bea’s pieces.

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