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Alexa Garner Sidaris offers a line of jewellery that will surely remind you of ancient buried treasure chests.

The fact that this designer has travelled all over the world and has learned to craft jewellery at the Gemmological Institute will convince you that you are facing one of the most skilful designers that offers stunning pieces of jewellery that are inspired from ancient worlds and customs but speak to modern people living in today’s world.

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The “evil eye” necklaces that come from Alexa Garner Sidaris are some of the most popular pendants in the world, worn by the rich and famous but also by everybody that has a taste for unique pieces. From white gold to rose gold and eighteen karat gold, each and every evil eye will focus everybody’s eyes on the center piece which is a unique coloured gemstone. If you were ever afraid of evil forces lurking in the dark, such a pendant will offer the protection ancient traditions speak about, but you will surely be envied by everybody for having such a stylish piece.

But evil eye pendants are not the only pieces that catch the eye. Stunning crystals and incredible white diamonds, gemstones which have never been used so skillfully before such as Labradorite all gather to make Alexa Garner Sidaris collections the most desired among so many other beauties.

Pure eighteen karat gold complement the beauty of the gemstones. If you are thinking of passing down jewellery as treasured heirlooms to your beloved ones, then this will be your first choice. And this does not mean that these pieces are not modern and will not be cherished by the most avant-garde buyer.

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