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Alissa Frazer is the gifted designer of the modern Agrigento jewellery line. Inspired by nature, the beautiful Agrigento line is handcrafted and reflects the vision of a gifted designer.

If nature was the inspiration, handcrafting, handcarving and hand polishing every piece of Agrigento jewellery proved that even nature can be made more beautiful by a talented person such as Alissa Frazer.

What to know when buying Agrigento Designer Jewellery

Crafted from sterling silver and then dipped in eighteen karat gold or pure platinum, the Agrigento line is stunning proof of man’s mastery of nature. And these unrivaled pieces come with affordable price tags due to the materials they are made of. Not only are they affordable, but they can also last and maintain their stunning appearance without any danger of getting tarnished.

The necklaces, rings and earrings are each marked by the whimsical but also bold and delicate vision of their designer. One of the most unique jewellery lines today, you will be able to identify a distinct style for each piece. You can choose a baby octopus necklace or the koi fish earrings and their charm will envelop you and imbue their delicate beauty.

Even if you are not a nature lover, the Agrigento jewellery line will manage to work its charm on you. The nature that inspired each piece has transformed into living art through the designer’s skillful effort.

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Stunning Agrigento Jewellery

Jewellery pieces designed by Agrigento feature motifs that will showcase your love of wildlife and nature. The Spiny Shell earrings feature wonderful decorations in platinum over sterling silver and three faceted white agate briolette stones are dangling from the shells. [Continue reading: Stunning Agrigento Jewellery]

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