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Takara Jewellery – The Japanese Treasure

Takara is treasure in Japanese and the Takara collections are illustrative of both Japanese inspired design and New York chic. Some of the most stylish women in the world wear pieces of Takara collections which include statement pieces of designer jewellery that can be classified as art. [Continue reading: Takara Jewellery – The Japanese Treasure]

Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphires are considered the birthstone for those born in September. Colour is one of the most important characteristic of gemstones, and sapphires come in various colours. Blue is however the ideal colour for sapphire jewellery and with sapphires colour tends to be more important than clarity. [Continue reading: Sapphire Jewellery]

Topaz Jewellery

Blue topaz can be a beautiful gift for couples celebrating their anniversaries. It is popular due to its clarity and durability. But blue shades are not usually found in nature, such a stone is usually created through heat treatment and irradiation. Imperial topaz, be it sherry red, deep pink or reddish-orange can be a choice for the most special occasions as imperial shades are the rarest and more valuable. [Continue reading: Topaz Jewellery]

The Most Unusual Engagement and Wedding Rings

If you think an engagement ring has to include a diamond, then you should be aware that there are plenty of other choices which include coloured gemstons or innovative metal bands, so you can always find unique engagement rings to offer to your loved one. [Continue reading: The Most Unusual Engagement and Wedding Rings]

Luxury Designer Jewellery For Men

The holiday season comes with a challenge for those of you who wish to offer a gift for the favourite man in your life. Whether he wears a particular type of jewellery, or you want to surprise him with a piece of designer jewellery that is bold and innovative, you will have a wide selection to choose from. [Continue reading: Luxury Designer Jewellery For Men]

Common Shapes For Cutting A Gemstone

Gemstones are rarely attractive when they come as raw materials, but once they receive proper treatment and cutting they can become objects of exquisite beauty. The shape of a stone refers to its physical shape, while the cut refers to the quality of the cut. [Continue reading: Common Shapes For Cutting A Gemstone]

Trinity Rings

Trinity rings or three stone rings are attractive and symbolic pieces of jewellery that can be offered for special occasions, from wedding anniversaries to birthdays. Usually there are three stones set onto a simple mount and there is a symbolic meaning attached to each of the stones. [Continue reading: Trinity Rings]

Astley Clarke – Best Luxury Brand Online was founded in 2006 by Rebecca Astley-Clarke in order to offer international jewellery designers exposure to customers in the UK. Besides the web based branch, there is also a land based shop. [Continue reading: Astley Clarke – Best Luxury Brand Online]

Why Sterling Silver Jewellery?

Shopping for jewellery can be both fun and confusing. Sterling silver jewellery is one of the types of jewellery that you can buy for prices that are amazingly low. Sterling silver is a precious metal, but its price is much more affordable than white gold or platinum. The fantastic shine and long-lasting wear of sterling silver jewellery makes it a wonderful choice. [Continue reading: Why Sterling Silver Jewellery?]

Designer Jewellery Online

While a lot of people think that the style is more important than the brand label attached to a piece of jewellery, with the online market today, more and more people are interested to explore the large variety offered by styles and designs offered by jewellery designers. [Continue reading: Designer Jewellery Online]

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