Pippa Small’s Jewellery – The Perfect Valentine Gift

Pippa Small’s drop earrings would make a lovely Valentine’s gift this year. Her expertly handcrafted 18 karat gold and turquoise earrings can offer a unique twist with an after-dark glamour. Paired with some chic cocktail attire they would offer any woman the perfect party look.

Designer Jewellery at the Royal Wedding

The jewellery designer who created Kate Middleton’s earrings is Zoe Benyon, a co-founder of the jewellery firm Robinson Pelham. It is believed that Kate’s earrings have cost 15,000 pounds but a spokesman of the jewellery firm said they never disclosed …

Daisy Knights Incredible Jewellery

Daisy Knights hand-made jewellery collections are inspired by nature but also have a bold punk and rock’n’roll edge. The collections feature miniature skulls, shells, feather designs in 22 karat gold vermeil, oxidized silver or sterling silver.

Takara Jewellery – The Japanese Treasure

Takara is treasure in Japanese and the Takara collections are illustrative of both Japanese inspired design and New York chic. Some of the most stylish women in the world wear pieces of Takara collections which include statement pieces of designer jewellery that can be classified as art.

Charm Jewellery Customized on Touch-Screen Devices

The largest privately-held jeweler in the US, Shane Co. has developed the first online charm jewellery customization platform that is compatible with iPhones and iPads. ShaneCo.com allows users to select a style of pendant, bracelet of earrings, add or remove charms with a drag-and-drop interface and then order the piece of jewellery directly on the website.

Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphires are considered the birthstone for those born in September. Colour is one of the most important characteristic of gemstones, and sapphires come in various colours. Blue is however the ideal colour for sapphire jewellery and with sapphires colour tends to be more important than clarity.

Topaz Jewellery

Blue topaz can be a beautiful gift for couples celebrating their anniversaries. It is popular due to its clarity and durability. But blue shades are not usually found in nature, such a stone is usually created through heat treatment and irradiation. Imperial topaz, be it sherry red, deep pink or reddish-orange can be a choice for the most special occasions as imperial shades are the rarest and more valuable.

Pippa Small And Natural Materials Designer Jewellery

Pippa Small’s bracelets are made from natural materials, just like her other pieces of jewellery, and as such may have scratches or flecks.

Stunning Agrigento Jewellery

Jewellery pieces designed by Agrigento feature motifs that will showcase your love of wildlife and nature. The Spiny Shell earrings feature wonderful decorations in platinum over sterling silver and three faceted white agate briolette stones are dangling from the shells.

Carla Amorim’s Earrings and Rings

Carla Amorim chandelier scroll earrings set in 18 karat white gold with small diamonds while the gold leaf earrings are set in matte 18 karat yellow gold. The clear topaz chandelier earrings showcase five rows of sparkling pear shaped topaz stones set in rose gold braids.

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