Jewellery Trends For Men

Rap stars or movie stars have played a large part in the developing men jewellery. Jewellery designers are creating specific lines for the ever growing consumer base.

Gold Karats Guide

Karats measure the content of gold and because gold is a soft metal, you will rarely find gold karats jewellery made from pure gold.

Pearls as Wonders of Mother Nature

Pearls have always been popular with jewellery designers as they can offer inspiration through their various shapes, colours and size.

Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstones come in different colours and with different price tags. The more natural they are, the higher the price of jewellery can be.

Chamilia And Customized Jewellery

Chamilia offers its customer the option to fully customize the pieces of jewellery according to their own preferences, mood or personal histories.

Atelier 11

Atelier 11 jewellery are an innovative blend of experimental and commercial themes.

Pippa Small And Her Jewellery Stories

Every piece of Pippa Small jewellery tells a story. Tales of ancient cultures set in colourful combinations of stones are unfolding before your eyes when you look her collections.

Delicious Yummi Glass

Yummi Glass is a multi-line collection of superb glass jewellery created by Allison Overbeke. Each piece in her collections is hand-crafted by the most knowledgeable glass artisans in the world.

Carolina Bucci And Florentine Heritage

Carolina Bucci was listed as ‘Power Player’ in Vanity Fair’s annual list for the Jewellery Industry for several years, while her designs are on a permanent collection in Palazzo Pitti Museum in Florence.

Arunashi And The Indian Heritage

Arunashi is a name that is reflecting the partnership in life and business of Arun Bohra and his wife Ashita. Arun Bohra’s ancestors have been manufacturing jewellery for Indian royalty for more than 150 years. This eight generation jeweler was born in Jaipur, India and the city’s rich cultural heritage was an inspiration for him.

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