Lapis Lazuli Jewellery

Lapis Lazuli jewellery is easy to wear and can add a rich colour to any outfit. The name is a Latin form of the Arabic word which means blue. Not having a crystalline structure, lapis lazuli is not included in the category of precious gems.

A Cappella Rings

Looking for a pastel touch ring to match your summer dress? Than look no further than the Green phrenite cabochon ring in 18ct yellow gold vermeil – This is designed exclusively by Astley Clarke, and with such an unwavering style it has become our favourite this week.…

Duchess of Windsor’s jewellery to go up for auction

An anonymous buyer will be auctioning off part of his or her jewellery collection.

Sotheby’s is to sell 20 pieces of jewellery made for Wallis Simpson during her affair with Edward VIII which were first sold at auction in Geneva in 1987 – with the 214-piece collection fetching an eye …

Titanium Bracelets All The Rage For Men

Looking for a great gift for him this summer? Well, combination bracelets for men are all the rage, combining metals and leather for that urban warrior look – Guaranteed to put a smile on his face!

Check out the collection at Ernest Jones below.…